Quantcast Investing In Hawaii Real Estate | Locations
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    Investing In Real Estate

    The first step in real estate investing is easier to make when you know where to start. Our highly-trained agents will develop and coach you through a strategic plan that will diversify your portfolio and be an income-producing business investment for years to come

    Getting Started

    Investment Property Guide

    Everything you need to get started on buying your first investment property


    Learn more about the unique opportunity "condo-tels" provide to own in paradise.

    Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

    Real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Read why.

    Oahu Short Term Rental Investment Guide

    Learn about the legal short term rentals investment opportunities on Oahu.

    Searching for Investment Properties

    Choosing your First Investment Property

    How to enter the market and find the investment property that is right for you.

    Financial Information

    Using Self Directed IRAs or 401Ks to Purchase Real Estate

    Diversify your nest egg by investing some of it into Oahu real estate. It's profitable and tax free.

    1031 Exchange

    Want to defer capital gains taxes when you sell your investment property? Use a 1031 Exchange to purchase another investment property (or two!).

    Looking to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Hawaii?

    An Accessory Dwelling Unit is the idea to add another unit on your property or attached to your existing house.

    Selling your Investment Property

    Tips for Selling your Investment Property

    A solid financial plan is the foundation of selling your investment property.